Popular questions

  • How do I apply to activate Qantas Cash?

    To start using Qantas Cash, you need to follow our simple process to apply for and activate the card online via qantascash.co.nz – select ‘Apply to activate’ and follow the prompts. 

    We recommend you keep your New Zealand Driver Licence and Passport handy during the process.

  • How do I get my PIN?

    Once you’ve successfully applied for Qantas Cash, you can select your PIN by calling MasterCard® Qantas Cash Global Support on 0800 101 500 and following the prompts. 

    You’ll need your PIN to make purchases at point of sale and to withdraw cash at ATMs. We recommend you memorise your card PIN to prevent unauthorized use of your card.

  • How do I load money onto Qantas Cash?

    Once you’ve activated Qantas Cash, you can load in any of the available currencies**. You have different options for loading Qantas Cash. You can either:

    1)      Load via qantascash.co.nz using Bank Transfer which is a great option if you find current exchange rates attractive or if you want to load multiple currencies at once;

    2)      Load via your bank using Bank Transfer which makes it easier if you’re planning on spending at home.

    Each option has different benefits. See full FAQs for more information.

  • How long after loading can I access my money?

    If your load is completed via internet banking by 2pm NZST, funds should be received to your Qantas Cash facility within 2 business days. However, load times may vary between financial institutions including when your transfer is made after 2pm NZST, outside business hours, or prior to or on a weekend or public holiday.

    See our full FAQs for more information.

  • How can I earn Qantas Points with Qantas Cash?

    You can earn Qantas Points on eligible purchases* overseas, at home or online at the following rates:

    – 1 Qantas Point per NZ$1 of eligible spend in foreign currency

    – 1 Qantas Point per NZ$2 of eligible spend in foreign currency

    For more information on which transactions are eligible to earn Qantas Points see our full FAQs.

  • When will my Qantas Points appear in my Qantas Frequent Flyer Account?

    Qantas Points will be credited to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account on a monthly basis. You can view your total current Qantas Points balance via qantas.com.nz

    You can view your points balance from Qantas Cash purchases and transactions online via qantascash.co.nz. The Qantas Points you earn using Qantas Cash will be updated monthly at qantascash.co.nz.

    Please note that the Qantas Points balance displayed online via qantascash.co.nz will not show points redemptions. 

  • What do I do if my Qantas Card is lost or stolen?

    If your card is lost or stolen, 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance will help you get you back in control of your money. 

    If your card is lost or stolen, contact MasterCard Qantas Cash Global Support on 0800 101 500 or +61(2) 9433 2329 , if overseas, immediately. If your card is lost we’ll suspend it.  If your card is stolen, we’ll close it to prevent fraud. 

    You may be eligible for an emergency cash disbursement, allowing you to access funds on your card, if your card is lost or stolen whilst you are overseas. Contact the Qantas Cash Service Centre on 0800 101 500 or +61(2) 9433 2329, if overseas.  If eligible, you can collect emergency funds from approved agent locations.  The team will let you know the address details, telephone number and opening hours of the nearest agent location. 

  • What are Dynamic Currency Conversion payments?

    Some overseas merchants or ATM operators may give you the option of paying in the local currency or NZD (this is called Dynamic Currency Conversion or DCC). 

    If you make a purchase or ATM withdrawal in a country where the local currency is the same as a currency in your Qantas Cash facility (e.g. using your US Dollar funds in the USA) and you opt in to a DCC service, this may result in a foreign exchange transaction at additional cost to you as the card will seek to transact in New Zealand Dollars.

    If you have funds loaded in your Qantas Cash facility in the currency of the country you are in, you should not opt in to DCC. If the merchant gives you the option of paying in NZD please note that they will be able to determine the exchange rate used to convert your NZD to the local currency.